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Advantages of American Exlar Servo Cylinder in valve control

Number of Readings: 75 Source:LIMTEC Author:Liu Jing Time:2015-07-14  15:03:00

Characteristics: adopted gear transmission (such as worm gear or cylindrical gear) for output torque. If working for a long time, the motor will produce serious heat, which is not suitable for valve adjustment applications requiring continuous operation. Their working speed is very slow, the positioning accuracy is not high, the mechanism transmission is complicated, and the parts are worn

The new revolutionary features brought by the American Exlar Servo Cylinder in valve servo execution system

No restrictions,, 100% continuous work without breakdown , maintenance-free
No control dead zone , a certain position can not be reached, full range of work
Response time and full travel movement time are calculated in milliseconds, suitable for high speed, high response, high frequency operation. The maximum speed of 1 m/s hundreds of millions duty cycle
which is the limit that cannot be reached by traditional actuator (ordinary actuator only has a few thousand times).
It can achieve the pressure-holding work and avoid the leakage of the valve closing with the servo cylinder control,
Control position accuracy reaches 0.02mm, realizing precise and fast control
of the valve Mainly used in power plant valve control, steam turbine valve control, petrochemical valve control (explosion-proof)
Both thrust output and rotation torque output are available, with a thrust range of 20 tons and a torque of 530Nm
No limit switch and torque switch are required, built-in displacement sensor, choosing 4-20mA input and output or switch input and output.
Imported valve brands: British Rotork, German Sipos5, German Auma