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The new challenge for Lim-Tec linear motion products.

Number of Readings: 235 Source:LIMTEC Author:Liu Jing Time:2018-06-12  13:06:10

On the evening of September 2, Jakarta time, the closing ceremony of the Asian Games in Jakarta, "Hangzhou Time" performance, 5 groups of high-tech stage creative products debut, it triggered a series of exclaimed audiences of Pengano Sports Center The "free dance screen" with multiple degrees of freedom in technology is the first high-tech stage creative work at home and abroad, and it is also to give the audience a huge shock and artistic expression. "This dance screen uses an unmanned vehicle-mounted device, combined with a 360-degree rotatable mechanical rocker arm." The maximum height of the intelligent dance screen is about 5 floors. The overall structure is actually 5 industrial robots. 'S motion control system, with the video content to move. This also changed the traditional static stage display form, known as ‘dancing robots’.

In May 2018, Lim-Tec took over the robot Servo Cylinder project of the Hangzhou Asian Organizing Committee, and provided 54 robot joint Servo Cylinders within one month, for this organizing committee praise to Lim-Tec Company.