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Linear actuator

servo electric cylinder

Air cylinder

hydraulic cylinder

Compared with the hydraulic cylinder and cylinder,linear actuator has a unique advantage: we don't need complex complete support system (including pumps, pipes, valves, filters, a lot of joints, etc.); We can save a lot of space and can work safely in the case of no maintenance, No oil pollution, reduce noise, keep clean and quiet working environment; The performance characteristics are as follows: compared with the hydraulic cylinder and cylinder, linear actuator has a unique advantage: we don't need complex complete support system (including pumps, pipes, valves, filters, many joint, etc.); We can save a lot of space!

Self-locking performance:

Acme screw linear actuator and screw jack , because of the low transmission efficiency most products have absolutely dynamic load self-locking function which increases the safety of the equipment operation;

Precision positioning:

Integrated position precision can reach 0, 1 mm; Servo electric cylinder position accuracy to 0.01 mm;

Precision control:

Configuration encoder, or by the frequency converter control, realizes the closed loop accurate positioning; if accuracy is not high, can be equipped with potentiometer to realize on-line control;


Single speed motor through mechanical coupling drive can set of push rod at the same time, the synchronization lifting and absolute synchronization;

Drive system:

12/24 v dc motor, single-phase ac motor, three phase ac motor, no air/hydraulic source;

Overload protection:

Equipped with safety clutch overload prevention and overload pressure sensor prevent overload;

High load:

Push/pull load to 250 tons;


Easy maintenance, low noise, can be used in high/low temperature environment , and corrosion/explosion-proof environment;

  • Parameter Linear actuator Ball Linear actuator Acme linear actuator Air cylinder hydraulic cylinder
  • Movement principle The integration assembly of gear motor and screw ,
    gear motor output of rotary motion drive screw nut linear motion
    The continuous pressure of the gas pushes the cylinder body in a straight line The continuous pressure of the liquid pushes the cylinder body to move in a straight line
  • Load capacity < 100ton < 500ton < 2500ton < 500kg < 500ton
  • Speed 2000mm/s 150mm/s 35mm/s 500mm/s 150mm/s
  • Lifetime 15 times of the ball screw medium low Proper maintenance if need Proper maintenance if need
  • Precision positioning 0.001mm 0.1mm 0.04mm 0.5mm 0.5mm
  • Efficiency > 90% > 90% < 30% <50% <50%
  • System equipment Equipped with power supply, servo motor or common motor control system Very complex servo valve, pipeline, filter, air compressor Very complicated servo valve, pipeline