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  • Screw Jack

    The advanced manufacturing equipment and assembling technique ensures the high quantity of the products . The advanced design concept creates high-quality products with strong impact resistance, high duty cycle , low noise, long lifetime and small size!

  • Linear Actuator

    LAP series Linear Actuator High-strength / High wear-resistant material selection, high-precision parts processing advanced shell design concept, creating high-quality products with high load capacity, high impact resistance, low noise, and long life!

  • Servo Cylinder

    Servo Cylinders can completely replace hydraulic cylinders and cylinders with the advantages of a more environmentally friendly, more energy-saving, and cleaner environment. It is easy to connect with PLC and other control systems to achieve high-precision motion control

  • Lim-Tec engineers are inspecting products carefully

  • Lim-Tec stainless steel Screw Jack KV series.

  • In 2023, Lim-Tec invested 200 million to establish a Lim-Tec production base at Langfang Dachang Chaobaihe Industrial Zone